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I asked men what they wanted women to know. Although this is not a scientific study or exhaustive, you will enjoy the answers.


Solutions to problems without a lot of discussion.

To not relieve their problematic day.

To deal with stress by avoiding or distracting. That is why TV works well!

Us to stop giving unsolicited advice

To resist change

To be competent, achieving results and to be goal oriented.

Not to be told, “you can’t do that.”

To feel needed

To be less self-absorbed and more mature but not turn into their dads.

To mull things over silently and not have women assume this means something is wrong in the relationship.

Time to deal with problems and work on change.

To be single-focused at times and not be condemned for not multitasking.


To make mistakes and not have you rub it in.

You to ask in an undemanding way.

To read minds but they can’t!

To flip the remote without comments in the room.


Women to keep up their appearances but not be perfect.


Women who will be great moms.

Women to read this and do all the above!

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