What Women Want Men to Know

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Men, listen up! Here is what women say they want you to know. This isn’t a scientific survey or an exhaustive list. it is a place to start to get a clue.


To be listened to and have their feelings validated.

To talk about their problems. Answers are not required.

Things to get better so will look for solutions.

To try and change men!

To be cherished.

To give but also get something in return.

To think out loud.

A steady growth of intimacy

You to know that physical affection does not have to lead to sex.

You to ask about their day.

Romance and surprises.

Dates to be planned.


You to call and let them know when you are late.

Neck and foot massages.

You to stop flipping the remote.

Short romantic get aways.

An offer to fix something.

A hello and goodbye kiss.

You to stop blaming everything on PMS.

A strong spiritual guy.

Security and commitment.

A good father and companion.

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