Alec Baldwin: Hello to More Celebrity Entitlement

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Alec Baldwin embodies the entitlement mentality we see so prominently displayed among celebrities and others these days. His latest incident of being escorted off an American Airline flight for refusing to turn off his cell phone when asked, is another example of celebrity bad…

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  • James

    While I think Baldwin’s political views are cltmoepely wacky. That doesn’t make him a bad father. The fact that they are so publicly brawling about their daughter – that makes me think they’re both nuts. In general when it’s a marriage – it takes two to make trouble. As Dr. Helen’s pod cast with a divorce lawyer plainly conveyed. It’s easy to hear one news story and think either he or she is the culprit – as if there is only one person in the marriage. The only one really getting bashed through all this is the child. She’s the one being tugged apart. And the fact that neither of them seems to want to make it private (with a court order) means they regard this as an open fight for all to see.Most people work hard to keep the family problems within the family – not displaying them for all the world to see. In just my own opinion – when couples choose to do this – they both have big problems.

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