12 Minutes of Help For Chronic Pain Sufferers

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Chronic pain has not left us during the pandemic. With all the focus on COVID and politics these days, I haven’t forgotten those of you who suffer with chronic pain. All the added stress from the past year and recent events can make pain worse.

My book, Living beyond Pain, co-authored with physician James Kribs, DO was release last year prior to the COVID pandemic. The book covers a holistic approach to manage pain and get your life back. It is filled with prescriptive advice and tools to mange chronic pain. And most of the help includes non pharmacological ways to take charge of your life.

We were just beginning to get the word out in terms of help for chronic pain. And then the pandemic shut down travel, conferences and events where we could present this help. So please, take 12 minutes and listen to this short but helpful interview on Bott Radio Network. It’s informative and will give you a better understanding to help you move forward.

Click here to listen.  

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