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For years, Jennifer suspected she was married to a narcissist. Bound and determined to get her husband to listen to her, Jennifer confronted him on his selfish and uncaring behavior. It didn’t go well. When she told me, I felt bad for her because she didn’t know, confrontation doesn’t usually end with a good result.…

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  • nancy skinner

    To Dr. Mintle, I recently have listened to you speak on Janet Parshall’s radio show. The subject was just what I needed to hear and the advice you gave was very helpful. I tried to read some of your blog posts, but I cannot read more than the by line. Is there a way I can read a full blog that you’ve written ? I appreciate your help.

    Thank you. Nancy S.

  • Dr. Linda

    Yes go to my website, drlindamintle.com and you will see the blogs that should link you. Or google BeliefNet Dr. Linda Mintle